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Clay Princess

Mold me, darling.

28 November 1987
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Got a new layout (finally).

layout by: enamour

If you wanna know about me, here's my description in a nutshell:

I am:
1) incredibly bossy.
2) noise pollution.
3) a total friend.
4) a keeper of peace. Sort of.
5) heartless when it comes to other people.
6) brainless when it comes to my jokes.
7) capable of whatever job or work that I accept.
8) able to keep secrets.
9) almost always late for gimiks.
10) almost always early for things concerning work.

I am not:
1) pretty.
2) cute.
3) a perfectionist.
4) an idiot.
5) stupid, unless I say so myself.

1) hate hate HATE user-friendly people.
2) love my Dad, Sis, Ann & Ran & Papo & Reya & Glad & Ali & Mikai & JayL & Patchie, my laptop (Ku-chan), my mp3 player (Kyouya), my cellphone (no name), AME, in that order.
3) like everyone/thing else that isn't mentioned in #2 (includes: Mom, Bros, other friends in AME, friends in other areas, etc). Of course, that is assuming I don't hate that person/thing.

I don't:
1) tolerate any person taking advantage of me.
2) condone any debasing and/or bad-mouthing of my abilities.
3) put up with people who say they're my friends but really aren't.
4) give way to people who don't fall in line.