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31 January 2008 @ 09:24 pm
Ok. I just HAD to post because (I know this is OLD NEWS and all but I just found out about it so stfu kthnxpls) two of my most favorite shoujo mangas are going to be animated! Whoo hoo! Although sometimes, I hate it when my favorite mangas are animated (coz they butcher them), but this was really a pleasant surprise. I was actually looking for new anime to download because I ran out of titles because 2008 anime first season was crappy except for Hatenkou Yugi.

Special A = WIN. I just don't like the art that much because it doesn't do justice to the manga. But then what anime did? (with the exception of Ghost Hunt)

And... dun dun dun dun! VAMPIRE KNIGHT. I can just imagine Mamo-chan as Zero! It gives me the chills. Hehe. And argh! What is with that latest manga twist?! I'll still be Kaname x Yuuki whatever happens. Huhu. T.T
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Just came back from celebrating New Year's with my relatives. This was actually the first time we ever got around to celebrating anything other than Christmas with them, and I'm now wondering why we didn't do it sooner. I spent the whole time eating, singing, and having the greatest time with people I never knew I could be close to. Not only that, I got to be really good chums with my SUPER CUTE nephew, who, allegedly, is nangingilala. My cousin (his mother) tells me that I'm the first person to ever make him smile in front of a camera. I absolutely adore this little guy.

Pic spam:

Me and Vince. Chocolate and Milk.
Look! He has my eyes! XD

PEACE! But he can't do the peace sign so he settles for all fingers. XD

crux_australis, my nephew can give Sho a run for his money. XD

So there, doting tita mode over. XD
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16 December 2007 @ 09:17 pm
After tomorrow, if I ever do business with lipat bahay/trucking services people again, I'll make sure they stick to schedule like shit in the butthole.

I'll be resigning from my current job on the 20th of December. I really wish I hadn't enjoyed being with my officemates so much, then it would probably be a breeze to just leave the company. I'm looking for a better paying part-time job where I don't have lug myself to Makati (because it still is my most disliked city in the country), and where I'm not as easily bored.

Meme I gacked from practically everyone:

LiveJournal Username
Do you watch anime?
Do you speak Japanese?
Do you read Japanese?
What if LiveJournal were an anime?
Pick a Beach Boys song.
The performer of the opening themeseiret
The magical girlcrux_australis
The talking animalcleira_raven
The lecherous old mankushii
The teenager who uses ancient magic to win gamesseiret
The fifteen-year-old Japanese girl with blond hair and a D cupcleira_raven
Number of seasons it would last8,927
This Fun Quiz created by Elizabeth at BlogQuiz.Net
Taurus Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

crux_australis, magical girl? If it's about money, then I agree. XD

And cleira_raven, what is with you being the animal and the blond girl with D cup at the same time? XD

Aaaaaaaaaand, finally... *points and laughs at kushii*. XD
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29 November 2007 @ 07:34 am
Thank you to everyone who remembered and greeted me yesterday. xD

Happy Birthday to the dorkiest stalker in the whole world:


Hehe. xD

And h_matsumoto, the chisms I'll be telling you in person, 'coz I think my fingers will cramp up if I type it instead. xD
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17 November 2007 @ 08:07 pm
I took the Doubutsu Uranai thingie and was pleasantly surprised at how accurate it is. Incredible. @_@

[x]'s are placed beside truths. xD

You are Silver Elephant, who gives an impression of being pure and innocent. [x]
You are not pretentious and are very straight forward type of woman. [x]
You tend to lack sweet sensitivity. [x]
Instead you possess strong will power and resolute attitude. [x]
You are a hard worker, and will not depend on others. [x]
You are a person who steadily puts effort. [x]
You think high of rationalism, and hence, lacks softness. [x]
Economically, you are precise and sound. [x]
You will not spend money on impulse. [Haha, me?! NEVER! xD]
Although you don't show, you are actually a person with pride, and tend to be upright and little bit short tempered. [x]
You may act more maturely than your age, or more childish at times. [x]
This unbalance tends to be your attraction. [x]
You are very independent sort of person, and will not dare think to rely on men. [x]
You therefore try to take control of things. [x]
You can very well take lead of men, and have a skill of not showing that. [x]
Profit and efficiency is very important to you. [x]
You tend to choose your hobbies on that as well. [x]
Even after you get married, you wouldn't be turned by houseworks, and in fact will carry out it efficiently. [x]
You will take great interest in your children's education, and will turn out to be a good mother and a wife. [x]

Random: The last part, where it says I'll be a good mother and wife someday, I want to happen. But if it doesn't happen that way, I'd like to be the "Cool Tita", the one who's the kunsintidor for the cute little nieces and nephews I will be spoiling rotten. xD
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I went back to work for the first time last night after a leave of absence of about a month and a half. By the end of August I was in such deep shit with attendance--all my absences, tardies, and No-Call-No-Shows (NCNS) were by that time maxed out, meaning I was on the verge of being terminated. Here's a brief rundown:

Absences = 18 (note: termination = 16)
Lates = 18 (note: termination = 20)
NCNS = 3 (note: termination = 4; these stay on your record your whole life at the company)

Those who are also friends of crux_australis, I think you know that we had tried out working at a Korean English online-teaching company at Eastwood, which she promptly quit by the third day (for good reason), dragging me along. Around this time I really was going to tell my superior that I was resigning from my current job (because of all the absences) and getting serious with the new one.

Good thing I didn't.

Apparently, that time I was on leave, the big boss of our account came to the company and pardoned (lolz, we're like in-mates) everyone of ALL attendance violations in honor of our anniversary. Meaning, I'm getting a clean slate again! And along with that, my regularization that I was so sure would still be months away, it's here! YAY!! xD

I was thinking that I was the luckiest girl alive yesterday. Now if only my grades turn out good. xD

(crux_australis, boy am I glad you're fickle. Hahaha! xD)


And onto the unluckiness. Whenever sisteena used to rant about her groupmates this past semester, I always found myself thankful that I didn't have a single pasaway groupmate. Was I ever wrong. I have a partner in a final paper for PA 111, and he is the worst groupmate I have ever had in my stay in the university. (Too bad, he was pretty good looking.)

He wasn't an absentee group mate. He communicated with me. So what made him a bad group mate? I sent him a written report that my group in another class wrote as basis for our paper. And what did he do? He copy-pasted the WHOLE document and passed it off as his own, added two pages (double-spaced, if I might add) of rubbish that was way easy to write, and wanted me to come up with 5-6 single-spaced pages of critical analysis for the paper. WTF.

I really hate being manipulated. I hate being taken advantage of either. I'm usually a good group mate, simply because I hate being thought of as the one pulling down the group. But this is really way past what my patience can handle. And he had the guts to bellow at me through text message. The only ones who get to do that are my Papa and Mama, and even then I don't let them get away with it.

Frickin' asshole.

(We still haven't passed the paper that was supposedly due last Friday. Hurrah. =_=)


Dedication: Thanks for the laptop use, Ran. xD
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Just had dinner at Shakey's with Ann (sisteena) and Reya (utakalabasa). I spent almost 250 bucks, so I am going to be living as a pauper for the next three weeks due to lack of funding from my salary ('cause I was on leave from work) and my parents ('cause it's sembreak). Goodbye for now, rich-and-famous lifestyle.

I really miss those times when the three of us were housemates, when it was perfectly fine to go out in the dead of the night just because we wanted coffee. (And no, Reya, I'm still not willing to pay 4k just to live under the same roof with you.) I can freely discuss things with them that I can't really bring myself to say out loud in front of others. I guess in a way we're still connected even though we don't see each other so much anymore.

(Yes, you two, call me bitch, I'm posting this for that reason. XD)


Got three subjects out of six for the first run of pre-enlistment. Not bad, but not good either. All I got were PA subjects (which are really pretty easy to get without having to pre-enlist online, with the exception of Acctg 1). Damn, I need to get that Psych 101 class (Van Heugten, of course) or I'm done for. I manipulated my schedule next semester to accommodate my job schedule. All my classes should be in the afternoon so it'll be easy for me to go to class and then work right after.

These are what I still need:

Psych 101: TF 1-2:30 or 2:30-4 (whichever I get; I enlisted in both.)
Pol Sci 11: TF 4-5:30 (absolutely necessary)
Socio 11: MTh 11:30-1 (also absolutely necessary)

If I don't get these subjects during pre-enlistment, I'll be preparing myself for some groveling.

EDIT: I've been invited to my best friend's sister's birthday party on Thursday. Children's party at McDonalds, lol. (What is it with me and McDo birthday parties? XD) Goodbye, exam review. XD
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08 October 2007 @ 09:57 pm
Yesterday was the crappiest least desirable performance we'd ever put up, all things considered. Thanks to Dennis and China for the warm welcome, next time (if there is a next time) we promise to do better. XD

I'm not bitter about it, none of us are. We were quite relieved about it, actually, for various reasons. I'm just happy I can perform again. We got rusty from not performing for the longest time. XD


I should have known it was a bad idea to go home. I'm procrastinating so much I think all my grades are gonna suffer. This house has a serious sickness--extreme laziness. I should be going back first thing tomorrow so I could get on with paper-making and reviewing. Damn, acads are the shtz. =_=
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01 October 2007 @ 01:23 pm
It's ok. I just have to know how I feel and where I stand, and then I'll be alright. I won't have expectations, and I won't expect anything. Two times is one time too many.


Ok, I know you guys at Gonzo don't wanna do the dying-for-each-other thing, but why a tree?! Sigh. No matter, I don't care if it's Romeo and Juliet (and as such, should have a tragic ending), but you've brought it this far for you not to give it a happy ending. Me want happy ending! Three eps to go!


WTF is wrong with CRS? I'm not a non-major anymore, so why didn't they change it? And this day is probably the only time this week that I'll be able to go online for pre-enlistment. Grr.


Damn. Just when I thought being a student again is cool, all the profs conspire to bite me hard in the arse. Good thing I'm allowed to extend my leave at work, otherwise I'd be dead by now with lack of sleep.


And lastly, but most importantly, goodbye Boom! See you next year. See you online. You will always be one day younger than me. Hahaha.
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